Artist's Bio

Miri was born in Bulgaria, grew up in Israel and followed her love to Canada. Her family now lives on Lovesick Lake in the Kawartha region.

After 4 successful careers-including graduate studies, corporate positions as well as entrepreneurial ventures – Miri is now a full-time artist focusing on landscape painting.

Music and visual arts are life-long passions for the Peer family, and Miri was involved in Batik and Pottery even during her business career. However, it took quite a few years before she started painting – “I was simply petrified of falling short”, she says. Essentially a self-taught artist, finally felt ready to exhibit her paintings in 2004 – “they need to be with people in order to breathe.”

Artist's Statement

I am a landscape painter.

Landscapes evoke a wide variety of emotions including mystical connectedness, and painting is my way of sharing the experience with others. So I call my paintings “Landscapes for the Soul”, but they are also “of” the soul.

A work of art is often much more than the eye can see, communicating complex meanings and powerful emotions. My paintings use landscape as a starting point for exploring ways to express feelings, mood, drama, mystery and/or the excitement of the moment. These elusive reactions are more important to me than the accurate details of the scenery.

As a self-taught painter with minimal formal training in art, I am constantly experimenting with different approaches. Although I use other media on occasion, most of my paintings are in acrylic-I find it very versatile and spontaneity-friendly; it enables me to “let the painting evolve into its own being with its own fleeting emotion.”